Columban Advent Resource 'Whispers of God'

  • Ellen Teague

The Columbans in Australia have produced downloadable resources to celebrate the liturgical season of Advent with the spirit of the environmental encyclical of Pope Francis Laudato Si' in mind. This liturgical Year B the focus is on 'Whispers of God', in resources written by Australian Columban Fr Charles Rue. Each Sunday during Advent focuses on a different topic.

"Advent increases our hope, a hope which does not disappoint. The Lord never lets us down." Pope Francis

Fr Charles Rue SSC writes:

"Meeting with Jesus restores our joy and draws all the baptised forward in their ecological vocation to belong within the Earth and serve as its conscious part. December is observed throughout the Christian world as a month of prayer, fasting and alms giving. It carries a tone of time out of time, a time between the first and second comings of Christ. It oscillates between dream and reality.

"Central to the Advent Scripture Readings is a tone of waiting, longing and watching. They tell stories and we sing special hymns of searching for meaning to human existence. Church communities have special Advent practices - a crib, re-enact the Magi search, on four successive Sundays light candles to symbolise the journey. Make Advent a time of meaning and joy for adults as well as children.

The presence of God, active and loving, must be searched for. God can be found in the revealing Earth as well as the human history."

Download free HERE.

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