Book launch: Encounters of Evangelisation

Redemptionist Publications, Fr Denis McBride, Diana Klein, Fr Bernard Cotter, Sharon Beech and Fr Paul Cannon.

Redemptionist Publications, Fr Denis McBride, Diana Klein, Fr Bernard Cotter, Sharon Beech and Fr Paul Cannon.

By: JudyAnn Masters

Four 'modern day evangelists' spoke about their inspiring new books supporting parish life and evangelisation at a launch event held at Vaughn House, near Westminster Cathedral on Tuesday.

Diana Klein, Fr Bernard Cotter, Fr Paul Cannon and Sharon Beech spoke about their works: How to Survive Working in a Catholic Parish; Encounters of Evangelisation; Symbols of Faith; To Know Him, To Love Him, To Serve Him; and Welcome to Witness - published by Redemptorist Publications.

The group were introduced by Fr Denis McBride CSsR, Director of Redemptionist Publications with special guest Bishop Nicholas Hudson who leads the Agencies of Evangelisation, Youth, and Justice and Peace.

Fr Denis, described the five books as cornerstones for an evangelising parish and fulfils the pledge of St John of when 'experience becomes tradition'.

Bishop Nicholas said: "Encounters of Evangelisation captures the spirit of the new evangelisation and is a useful tool…embracing the 'encounter of everyday'."

Fr Chris Vipers, Director of the Agency for Evangelisation, sang the praises of the "four modern day evangelists" and heartily recommended their collective work. He summed it up best by quoting, "what we have seen, heard and touched we are telling you." This, Fr Chris said, is "experience becoming tradition."

Diana spoke from the heart recounting some of her experiences that contributed to inspiring Encounters of Evangelism. These included instructions from her mum to think about who we will pray for today. Diana said that her mum's favourite quote of Cardinal Hume's, just five words: 'God loves you very much!' was the basic evangelisation that inspired her book.

The five titles are:

Welcome to Witness, becoming an evangelising parish by Paul Cannon and Sharon Beech
How to survive working in a Catholic Parish by Diana Klein and Bernard Cotter
To Know Him, To Love him, To Serve Him forming Parish Evangelising Teams by Paul Cannon and Sharon Beech
Symbols of Faith by Diana Klein in collaboration with Caritas
Encounters of Evangelism making the most of opportunities through the parish by Diana Klein

For more information see: Redemptionist Publications

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