CARJ welcomes Race Disparity Audit

The Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ) has welcomed the Race Disparity Audit published today by the Government.

Initial findings from the Audit show a changing, complex and many sided pattern of diversity and inequality. Some months ago CARJ highlighted this complex evolving situation and suggested a period of reflection to discern how we might work together to create a more just, more equal, more cooperative society .

The next step in this process of reflection and discernment will be the CARJ AGM on 4 November 2017, where we will seek to identify a variety of vulnerable groups whom we wish to support in a changing world.

These groups are likely to include:

• Migrants, refugees and victims of trafficking
• EU citizens in the wake of Brexit
• Young people in marginalised communities struggling to achieve their full potential
• Muslim communities seeking a full and equal place in society, and those individuals or groups who may be targets of radicalisation
• Families in de-industrialised areas who feel 'left behind'
• Black and minority ethnic groups in the criminal justice system
• Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities with inadequate site provision
• Victims of hate crime.

We will use information from the Race Disparity Audit to inform our discussions, and to plan the direction of our future work.

Read the Race Disparity Audit here:

For further information on these issues and regarding the forthcoming AGM, please contact: Catholic Association for Racial Justice (CARJ), 9 Henry Road, London N4 2LH (020 8802 8080), or visit our website at:

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