Art the Arms Fair

Civilian Drone Strike -

Civilian Drone Strike -

Source: CAAT

Art the Arms Fair is a unique art exhibition that has been set up in opposition to the Defence & Security Equipment International 2017 (DSEI), one of the biggest arms fairs in the world.

Open for this week only at SET Space, 7th Floor, Capstan House, Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BA the exhibition will bring together the work of artists, including Guerrilla Girls, Peter Kennard, Darren Cullen & Banksy.

"Banksy is apparently offering a critique of the military industrial complex by deliberately destroying a rather nice child's drawing" said Sam Walton, an organiser of Art the Arms Fair.

Civilian Drone Strike will be auctioned at 6pm on Friday, 15 September, in support of Campaign Against Arms Trade and Reprieve. Banksy has set the reserve price for the work at £10.

Sam continued: "Banksy's work is world renowned and always razor sharp and topical. Civilian Drone Strike is such a powerful statement against everything that events like the DSEI arms fair stand for.”

“The arms trade doesn’t like people knowing about their dodgy deals to despotic regimes. They want to stay in the shadows. We are using art to draw as much attention as possible to the deadly results of their terrible industry.”

The arms fair will be attended by over 1600 arms companies. The official guest list includes delegations from countries with appalling human rights records: such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Philippines, Bahrain and Algeria.

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