Support for migrants in Europe - Seeking Sanctuary prayer cards

We have produced prayer cards for those concerned about how to face up to the challenge of migration into Europe. Seeking Sanctuary has worked to raise awareness of the plight of migrants who find themselves destitute and reliant upon humanitarian aid after perilous journeys to reach Europe in the hope of being welcomed and starting upon new lives. Each of these human beings is made in God's image and deserves an opportunity to lead a dignified life and achieve their potential.

Pope Francis reminds us that 'Every migrant has a name, a face and a story'. Every one of those who seek sanctuary from desperate poverty or from wars and persecution has lived through different experiences and has a different story to tell.

Prayer is one way in which all are able to respond. The cards carry a picture of St Paul's shipwreck off Malta and a newly composed prayer, asking God to give us the strength to bear witness to the suffering of our brothers and sisters, especially those who have died during their journeys by sea with no-one to mourn for them.

Each card also reproduces a Statement of Solidarity signed by several bishops with dioceses on either side of the English Channel. This points out the various ways in which people of faith can work together to provide financial and material support, time and skills, shelter and accommodation – and encourage a climate of welcome to strangers. Addresses of websites are listed where people can find more prayers and a link to a website list of organisations who try to provide relevant support.

We suggest a minimum donation of £5 for 100 prayer cards (postage free) and they can be requested by email from [email protected]

Read more about Seeking Sanctuary here:

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