Letter re Ellen Teague's Poldark review

I wholeheartedly share with Ellen Teague this 'Quality television and a spiritual experience - ICN August 6th, 2017', as I did even with the original series back in the early 1970's!

One thing however she did not particularly comment on was the fact of the introduction of the Methodists and as shown, their obvious conversion and evangelical enthusiasm for the Lord. This is quite unprecedented for a BBC program to show anything so relating to God and our Saviour Jesus Christ!

I remember even the original series had the Poldark 'workers' singing the praises of the Lord in hymns!

I am surprised that Ellen Teague whom I presume is a Catholic (or a Christian) failed to mention such uplifting presentation and praise of Our Lord shown on a very secular Channel even with a preset anti-Christian bias!

I do remember my Cornish relatives and my Cornish mother speaking of the Lord as though they actually believed in him and believe it or not they actually did! Praise the Lord!

Robert Steward

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