New film follows Riverdance founder in Palestine

Source: Trocaire

'This Is Palestine' is a new documentary that follows Riverdance founder John McColgan on a journey through Gaza and the West Bank. The film features powerful interviews with people who have lost their homes, land or family members as a result of the ongoing conflict, as well as inspiring footage of the Israeli and Palestinian activists working together for a just peace.

Multi-award winning producer and director John McColgan recently travelled to the West Bank and Gaza with Trócaire to document the lives of people living a daily reality of military occupation and economic blockade. This Is Palestine documents McColgan's journey and features powerful interviews with the people he met along the way.

Released in June 2017 to mark the 50th anniversary of the occupation of the West Bank and the tenth anniversary of the blockade of Gaza, the film shows the urgent need for a renewed effort to bring a lasting peace to all the people of this region.

This film is available to download for screenings. See:

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