Egypt: Son of Christian killed by jihadists donates funds to mosque and church

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A young Coptic Christian whose father was killed by jihadists on 26 May with 27 other Copts, has said his family wants to give the compensation money paid by the government to relatives of victims of terrorism to a mosque and a church in the province of Minya.

Michael Atef Munir said they plan to give half of sum of 100,000 Egyptian pounds (about 5,000 euros) to San Michele church, in the village of Fikriya, and the other half to the mosque in the village of Saft al-Labban.

Michael made the announcement during a Mass for the victims celebrated in the Monastery of San Samuele by Orthodox Bishop Crete Basilios, Abbot of the Monastery. At the end of the Mass, reports, the governor of Minya, Essam al Bedeiwi, had handed over to the families of the victims the sums made available to them by the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Announcing his family’s intention, Michael said they want to make it clear that the jihadist attempt to unleash clashes and divisions between Egyptian Coptic and Egyptian Muslims has had an opposite effect to what the terrorists wanted.

The Coptics massacred on May 26 were heading towards San Samuele Monastery when they were attacked by masked men. The terrorists killed at least 28 people, including ten children.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, July 12, Churches and Christian communities in Egypt suspended pilgrimages, conferences and group holidays for security reasons, on the advice of the country's military and political authorities. The suspension will last at least until the end of August.

According to Egyptian media, the decision was made to enable the police to increased security measures at some important traditional summer gatherings to take place, hosted by Egyptian monasteries and shrines.

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