Appeal from young Catholic missionary working in Ireland

Lucy Crispin

Lucy Crispin

My name is Lucy Crispin and I am a nineteen year old from Leeds, West Yorkshire and I am writing to you to share with you a very exciting ministry work I will be starting in August. I have been accepted to serve as a missionary with NET Ministries Ireland for a year! NET Ministries is a Catholic organisation that travels around Ireland facilitating retreats in parishes and schools sharing with others about what it means to follow Christ. NET stand for National Evangelisation Teams. Our mission is to encourage young people to love Jesus and embrace a life of the Catholic Church. Challenging them to step-up and be leaders of truth and hope in a world where many people are struggling to find any meaning at all. Young people today are becoming complacent, and many young people are leaving the Church and going to other non denominational church and most are leaving religion behind altogether. But now, more than ever, they need to hear the Good News of the Gospel and hear it from a Catholic perspective. They need to hear it from other young people and they need to see its reality experienced and lived out in the lives of their peers.

This will be my second year of being a missionary NET Ministries. I had an amazing time last year. I was placed on the travelling team, which means we travelled all over Ireland putting on one day retreats for mainly secondary school students. It was a challenge that consisted of me living out of my suitcase for a year, living in host homes and meeting hundreds of young people every single day. It was a time to lead share groups and answer questions that young people felt like they couldn't ask anyone else. Meeting all the families made such a positive impact on me to see people raising christian families and knowing all of their stories.

My life and my outlook on life has completely changed because of my time at NET. I have gained so much more confidence in myself, and in God. As a missionary we're asked to spend at least one hour a day in personal prayer. This is a time where I could get the graces I needed from Jesus and truly grow deeper in my relationship with Him. Prayer was a great time to reevaluate myself and grow in true holiness and think about the life that Jesus wanted me to live. Personal prayer is something I am going to take with me when I am at home and throughout my life I have decided to dedicate one hour to the Lord everyday, which is something I didn't do before NET. We were also asked to spend around forty five minutes as a team to pray together. This was a time to praise the Lord and pray for the people we encounter and ourselves as a team. This taught me so much about community with Christ. I myself don't come from a Christian family so to have this community and see other people my age living out the faith and living a Christian life really motivated me every single day. I knew that prayer is something that needs to happen in order for a community to thrive.

Being on NET is something amazing for others too. The young people we met were so passionate about knowing more about Jesus. Even those people who didn't understand or were shut off at the beginning of the day by the end of it started to open up. That is all we can ask for. The seeds that Jesus has planted through my team is incredible. We met thousands of young people. In fact, at the beginning of the year we were sent to the Middle East to do mission. Now as a woman from Leeds, where nothing happens, this was a big deal. We first went to Oman and saw just how much people loved Jesus. Over in the Middle East you can proclaim the name of Jesus on the streets, but you can in the compounds of the churches and so the young people there, wanted to go to church and wanted to love Jesus and it was so inspiring. After this we went to the UAE, pleases like Dubai and Sharjah and to see different Christian communities who loved their faith and loved God was so inspiring since they were from a place where it's just not possible to openly talk about Jesus.

As a part of my time on NET, I am asked to raise a minimum of 4500 Euros, but also, because I didn't raise the full minimum last year, I am expected to reach that too. This means I have to raise 9000 Euros (£8015) excluding costs. This will cover a portion of the cost of training, accommodations, food and transportation. All donations are appreciated in either one time payments or they can be made in monthly increments for your convenience. I ask you to prayerfully consider helping me joining in this mission. All partners will receive NET Newsletters and update letters from me throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please contact me by email at: [email protected]
Thanks for helping in my ministry, whether it's in your prayers or financially.

Please prayerfully consider the amount you may be able to support me in this ministry. You can donate online at www.netministries. ie/lucy-crispin . (Please make all cheques payable to NET Ministries Ireland. )

I hope you have a very blessed day.
In Christ,
Lucy Crispin.

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