Rocker priests La Voz del Desierto plan US tour

Known as the 'rocker priests' - the Spanish Catholic band, La Voz del Desierto has just released a new album: 'Tu rostro buscaré'. It's an ambitious collection with tracks ranging from rock to British pop and rap. In July, the band go on a 13 day tour through United States.

La Voz del Desierto was born in 2003 in the diocesan seminary of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid - when some students came together to sing and record songs about God. Now the band is formed of three Catholic priests and four laymen.

In 2005 they launched their first album: 'Hágase en mí tu voluntad'. Two years later, in December 2007 their second disc 'Hacia una Luz' was issued. In 2010 they published a third album: 'La Llamada' and gave concerts in Spain and Portugal.

They performed at World Youth Madrid in 2011, and made their first US tour soon after that. They have now released six albums and their music can be found on Spotify, Amazon and the major digital platforms. They set out for the USA in July 2017. The tour will include concerts in New York, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama and Oklahoma.

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