General Election: Where do they stand on life issues?

When it comes to life issues – abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, pregnancy support and embryo research – the makeup of Parliament after this election is going to be of fundamental importance.

Lord Alton writes: "We are very likely to face another attempt to introduce assisted suicide in the next Parliament and to see new legislation brought forward on abortion from both the pro-life and and pro-abortion lobbies. The pro-abortion lobby have made it clear that they are aiming tointroduce legislation that will introduce abortion on demand, for any reason, up-to-birth.

"The pro-life lobby look like they are going to be focusing on incremental areas (such as sex-selective abortion, time limit reductions, etc.) that new polling shows a majority of the public support.

"These policy areas are conscience issues for the majority of parties, so the position of your successful local candidate will directly dictate where Parliament goes on these issues.

"A website has been launched – – to allow people to easily email their local candidates to find out where they would vote on a series of bills on these issues. This will give you a firm idea of where these candidates stand on these topics and how they are likely to vote in the next Parliament.

"If you have time ahead of the election, it would be very helpful if you could use the website to email your MP candidates and help let as many people as possible know about the website. We have included some easy ways to let people know about the website below:

Three easy ways to help

1. Email your local candidates asking them to answer the Where Do They Stand Election 2017 questionnaire

This only take two minutes using the email function on the website. Visit, enter your postcode and the remainder of the details and the questionnaire will be sent onto the candidates.

2. Share the campaign on social media

Share the campaign memes and post from the Where Do They Stand Facebook page and twitter:

Tweet your local candidates asking them where they stand on these issues and requesting that they let you know

You can find Twitter handles for your local candidates by searching for your local candidates on the Find a candidate section at

3. Ask your church or local community groups to let their supporters know about the website

Contact your local church or community group and ask them to let their supporters know about the website. Here are some easy ways they can do this:

Newsletters – ask them to include a note on the campaign in their newsletter.
Tell them in person – ask them to talk to their supporters in person about the website.
Social media – they are welcome to share posts from their Facebook page or
Church or community group websites – feel free to use content from the website.

If they are looking for content to include in notices, there is also more information on the campaign on their website, and some really interesting polling that they have commissioned on these issues that you may want to mention.
More details are here:

Two minutes of your time today may one day save a life - while not to act, is to act, not to speak is to speak.

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