London: Contemplation for an Age of Artificial Intelligence

Dr Marco Schorlemmer will lead this day at the Meditatio Centre in London on Saturday 20 May.

Research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly, yielding computational systems with impressive capabilities. This has brought many to voice their concerns about the risks that AI research can pose to the survival of humanity. But, is AI really such an apocalyptic threat? Can we learn from AI research about how we see ourselves as sentient beings? Marco will argue that AI and research in other techno-scientific fields can be very valuable for humanity if done with a contemplative mind.

Marco Schorlemmer, PhD is a scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), where he has worked on Automated Theorem Proving, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Multi-Agent Systems, and Computational Creativity. He is also the Coordinator of the Science group in the National Plan for Values initiative of the Catalan government. He is WCCM’s national coordinator for Catalonia.

Contemplation for an Age of Artificial Intelligence takes place on Saturday 20 May from 10.30am – 4pm at the Meditatio Centre, St Marks, Myddelton Sq, London EC1R 1XX, Cost: £15 (£10 concessions). Please bring a packed lunch. Coffee and tea provided.

To book and for more information tel: 020 7278 2070 email: or visit:

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