Birmingham: Pax Christi joins Hidden Treasure Taizé event

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Peace Icon

Pax Christi is joining the Hidden Treasure Taizé event in Birmingham from 28-31 April 2017.

At a time when violence and rumours of war dominate the news, it is timely that Pax Christi’s workshop at the Hidden Treasure event is 'The scandal of the arms trade and our response as Christians'. This will be offered by Matt Jeziorski from Pax Christi, Sam Walton from Quaker Peace & Social Witness and Fr Martin Newell from the Passionists.

Elsewhere, in the Carrs Lane Church, the Pax Christi ICON of Peace will be present for prayer and reflection. The ICON, created for Pax Christi in 1999 in a monastery near Jerusalem, relates stories of peacemakers from Eastern and Western Christian traditions and uses scripture stories of reconciliation and healing. At its centre is the image of the risen Christ, with the words “Christ is our Reconciliation” in Greek, Latin and Hebrew.

The ICON is a powerful focus for prayer, in recent years it has been used in prisons, cathedrals, schools and parishes as an aid to prayer, reflection and discussion on the task of peacemaking today.

Pax Christi and Taizé have similar histories. Both were formed by Christians in France who, coming out of the terrible experience of World War II, who believed that solidarity, peace, community and prayer were to be nourished if the world was to find peace.

Pax Christi is delighted to be involved with the gathering in Birmingham and looks forward to meeting people of all ages and traditions who share a passion for peace and justice.

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