3FF recruiting students for ParliaMentors training

Houses of Parliament - ICN

Houses of Parliament - ICN

Three Faiths Forum (3FF) - the UK's leading interfaith organisation, is looking for the next generation of leaders to join the UN award-winning ParliaMentors leadership programme. At a time when populism and anti-immigrant rhetoric is adding to tensions around the world, ParliaMentors trains emerging leaders to bring people from different backgrounds together.

Now in its 10th anniversary year, the programme will enable nine groups of university students from diverse backgrounds, faiths and identities to make a positive impact on society. Over the course of the 2017-18 academic year, 50 emerging leaders will receive regular mentoring by MPs, engage with parliament, and develop their own social action projects that tackle issues in their communities.

Political leaders across the spectrum have praised the ParliaMentors programme, including Communities Minister Lord Bourne who said: "Building understanding and friendships between faiths helps make our communities stronger. I have no doubt these inspiring young leaders of the future will go on to make a tangible difference in their communities."

Juhi Verma, Chair of the ParliaMentors Alumni Committee, said: "Young people across all faiths and beliefs have to be involved in the political process if we are to see a real shift towards a more inclusive and positive politics. This programme has filled me with hope that young people can make an impact in contributing to healing our divided society."

Over the past 10 years, more than 400 young change-makers and 70 MPs have been involved in ParliaMentors. Many participants are now working in leadership positions in the public, private and voluntary sectors, continuing to champion good interfaith relations.

Applications close on Friday 24 March. To apply to ParliaMentors, visit www.3ff.org.uk/parliamentors

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