Polish-English prayer books for children

CTS has just published two beautifully-illustrated Polish-English prayer books for children - one book of prayers and one for reading during Mass.

The prayer book: Mój Maly Modlitewnik brings to life well-known Catholic prayers in an attractive and child-friendly style, helping children to engage with their faith. Polish-English texts are on facing pages.

See: www.ctsbooks.org/moj-maly-modlitewnik?utm_source=Catholic+Truth+Society+Newsletter&utm_campaign=fbede97363-PolishSPB_Sub&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a82761558a-fbede97363-62205

In 'My Small Mass Book' - Moja Mała Książeczka do Nabożeństwa - presented with Polish-English text on facing pages - liturgical texts are interspersed with devotional texts and explanations of the various parts of the Mass which encourage children to actively participate. T

The illustrations have been carefully commissioned to reflect not only the events happening in the church during Mass but their theological and personal significance for the child. This will be an invaluable tool to help children engage with what is happening, encouraging them to pray and explaining the roots of the Order of Mass and the prayers it contains to them. (For First Communion children aged eight and above).

See: www.ctsbooks.org/moja-mala-ksiazeczka-do-nabozenstwa?utm_source=Catholic+Truth+Society+Newsletter&utm_campaign=fbede97363-PolishSPB_Sub&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a82761558a-fbede97363-62205

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