Film: Today They Took My Son

Feature films usually get most of the attention at film festivals, but one short film that is gaining recognition from global influencers is Today They Took My Son (TTTMS), by Palestinian-human rights advocate and film maker, Farah Nabulsi. Following recent screenings at film festivals in New York, Edmonton and Vancouver, TTTMS is now premiering in the UK at the Edinburgh Shorts Film Festival on October 28th.

The film that artistically blurs the lines between fiction and reality, tells the story of a mother struggling to cope when her young child is taken away by the military system. Her helplessness in the face of the cruel and inhumane treatment she knows he is experiencing is more than any mother can bear.

Based on a UNICEF report and thousands of painfully true stories, the film offers insight into the blatant violation of children's human rights in a place that touts itself as the only democracy in the Middle East. The harrowing topic is one that the world will sit up and take notice of.

Written, produced and narrated by Farah Nabulsi, an ex-investment banker who was born and raised in London, and directed by Pierre Dawalibi, a passionate Lebanese director, the short film has politicians, academics and other notable figures in full support.

Farah says: "It's a privilege to be in the position to raise awareness of the harsh injustices Palestinians have and continue to experience.The opportunity to
screen Today They Took My Son to audiences around the world is the first step in my ongoing campaign to inform people using the artistic and powerful medium of film. As people become informed, they become empowered to bring such atrocities to an end... Sometimes we can choose to make a film, other times we have to. Today They Took My Son is a short film I felt I had to make."

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