New initiative from Volunteer Missionary Movement

Volunteers working on a building project in Uganda

Volunteers working on a building project in Uganda

This summer, the Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM) is launching an exciting new initiative entitled International Volunteer Projects (IVP).

The initiative will allow volunteers of all ages to work directly alongside local people and coordinators for 3-6 weeks on projects to assist underprivileged communities in several countries in Africa. The work will assist development in the overseas host community, as well as broaden the horizons of volunteers and motivate them to continued concern and commitment to support global justice and development issues. A variety of projects are focused on those 18-25 years of age for initial development experience.

VMM's links with mission and development date back over 45 years. To date, VMM has placed over 2,600 specialist personnel - such as doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, agriculturists, accountants, builders, mechanics - and currently has over 40 volunteers in Africa. We continue to build our links mainly with Diocesan organisations that are responsible for the health, education development and empowerment of communities and its people.

The aims of the VMM pilot short term placement programme include:

  • A response to a clearly articulated need from existing partner organisations in Africa
  • Building upon our experience, expertise, reputation and network, to invest in a new cohort of VMs for the future
  • Promoting the concept of mission in a positive light in the UK and Ireland
  • To enlighten and involve volunteers on Development Education issues
  • Deliver a dynamic faith-based approach to development

John Denny, VMM CEO, states: "This is an exciting new initiative for VMM and all our existing and new partners. We will review and critically evaluate this initiative to ensure that it delivers a tangible and real difference in response to locally articulated needs by the host partner in their country."

Limited experience is required for most projects. Volunteer recruitment will be taking place over the next few months. Participants will also learn about the issues surrounding poverty, justice and peace through the projects and with additional training.

For additional information contact the VMM Liverpool office at [email protected] (0151 291 3438) or link to our International Volunteer Projects website at

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