London: Latin Mass Society celebrates Sacred Triduum

The Latin Mass Society will be celebrating Holy Week with a wealth of Traditional liturgy and sacred music at St Mary Moorfields in the City of London. Highlights include classical pianist Matthew Schellhorn directing Cantus Magnus each day, Mozart's beautiful 'Coronation Mass' on Holy Saturday and the world premiere of the piece that won the Schellhorn prize. Music by Palestrina, Byrd, Bruckner, Pearsall, Anerio and Elgar will feature throughout the week.

Traditional Holy Week services start with Tenebrae on Wednesday evening with Victoria's Tenebrae Responses.

On Maundy Thursday, the Mass of the Lord's Supper in the Extraordinary Form will contain music by Palestrina and Bruckner, and on Good Friday, the Solemn Liturgy of the Lord's Passion features music by Byrd as well as Victoria's Improperia and Caligaverunt.

The Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday sees the performance of young composer Marco Galvani's prize-winning piece ''Ecce Quam Bonum'', inspired by Psalm 133. Marco won the Schellhorn Prize for Sacred Music composition announced earlier this month. The Vigil Mass also features Elgar's Ave Verum and Bach's Prelude in G Major.

The Latin Mass Society's celebration of the Sacred Triduum is the only one in central London this year to include Tenebrae for all three days. LMS Chairman Joseph Shaw said: ''We are grateful once again to Canon Newby and the parish of St Mary Moorfields for hosting the Extraordinary Form Triduum, the only such celebration in Westminster Diocese. We look forward to a solemn, reverent and beautiful celebration of the services of the Sacred Triduum, including Tenebrae, for everyone who wants to experience the Church's liturgy in this form."

Details of the St Mary Moorfields Holy Week Services are below:

Wednesday 1 April ~ Feria Quarta Hebdomadae Sanctae 18:30 Tenebrae Tenebrae Responses Victoria

Thursday 2 April ~ Feria Quinta in Cena Domini 18:30 Mass Missa sine nomine à 4 (G, S, A) Palestrina Nos autem Anerio Christus factus est. Bruckner Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes, Garcia Hoc corpus. Robledo Ave verum Pearsall

Friday 3 April ~ Feria Sexta in Passione et Morte Domini 10:30 Tenebrae Tenebrae Responses Victoria 17:30 Solemn Liturgy Passio secundum Joannem Byrd Improperia Victoria Caligaverunt Victoria Saturday 4 April ~ De Vigilia Paschali 10:30 Tenebrae Tenebrae Responses Victoria 16:00 Mass Coronation Mass Mozart (G, S) Kyrie I Ecce Quam Bonum Galvani WORLD PREMIERE Ave verum Elgar Organ: Dies sind die heilgen zehn Gebot BWV 678 Bach & Prelude in G major BWV 541 Bach

For more information and Mass Listings see:

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