Rowan Williams: Politics isn’t just about elections, it’s about how we live together

With the General Election less than 100 days away and the campaigntrail topping the news agenda, three Christian organisations are holding a conference to help people explore what it means to engage with politics from a faith perspective.

Christian Aid, The Children’s Society and Greenbelt are hosting Faith in Politics? a day of talks, discussion and workshops to encourage and inspire people to use their democratic voice in the hope of changing the world for the better.

Christian Aid Chair Dr Rowan Williams is giving the keynote address. Ahead of the event he said: “Politics isn’t just about parties and elections, it’s about the way that we live together and includes a whole range of decisions about the society that we build. It will take all of us, and all of our faith in each other, to build the world God intended.

“I’m delighted that Christian Aid, The Children’s Society and Greenbelt are bringing people together to think about whether we’re putting our faith into action in all areas of our life – including our politics. So I’m very much looking forward to being a part of the day and I hope others will join me in cherishing this opportunity to pause, reflect and get ready for action in the year ahead.”

Some of the other speakers taking part alongside Dr Williams include Chaplain to the House of Commons Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, journalist and parish priest and Canon Giles Fraser and Rev Suzanne Metale, General Secretary of the Zambian Council of Churches.

Sarah Corbett of the Craftivist Collective will lead a workshop showing how activism can be about more than just petitions with people acting politically in a creative, reflective and non-threatening way.

Staff from Christian Aid, The Children’s Society and Greenbelt will also discuss topics including the politics of money, how to campaign more effectively, and ‘would Jesus vote’?

The Children’s Society’s Director for Church Participation Nigel Varndell said: “This is a crucial year. The general election in the UK and a number of key global decisions will have a major impact on people’s lives, both here and overseas.

“Very often it is churches who end up responding directly to the fallout, witnessing the impact of these decisions on people's lives. We are compelled to sit up, take notice and get involved. We simply can't afford to leave the big decisions to other people.”

Paul Northup, Greenbelt's Creative Director, said: “For creative organisations, motivated by faith and certain that a more just world is possible, now is the time get together and explore what role we have to play in shaping a world where everyone has the potential to live life to the full.”

The all-day event takes place on Saturday February 28, at City Temple Church in central London. Tickets cost £15 and include lunch. For details and to book visit


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