Reflections on St Ignatius Loyola

Greetings on the Feast of St Ignatius Loyola! See below for links to some reflections on this great saint.

In his blog, Schola Affectus writes:

This year seems special, here at St Beunos, in North Wales, directing the 30 days - in the silence of the Exercises, at the beginning of the Second Week. Now our retreatants are praying for a growing interior knowledge of Christ. Having meditated on the Call of the King they are now contemplating, step by step, the life of Jesus. After the intensity of the First Week it is a rich and vivid journey they are making, using imaginative contemplation. If we are to remember Ignatius for anything - it is not necessarily for the Jesuits, for our works, for the apostolates - Ignatius knew that we are founded to serve the church, to help souls. Famously Ignatius said if we were to be disbanded it would take 15 mins in the chapel for him to reconcile himself to that.

The heart of St Ignatius is found most clearly in making the Exercises.... This uniquely transformative tool that has changed so many lives. Continue here:

Thinking Faith has published a series of reflections by ten writers on the impact St Ignatius Loyola has had on their lives. Among them, Austen Ivereigh, Catholic commentator and writer, co-ordinator of Catholic Voices writes:

There are two kinds of hard work, and Ignatius taught me the difference. To use a sailing metaphor, the first is like beating into the wind, against the tide: almost anything you try to do, however simple - make a cup of tea, adjust the sails, navigate - demands great effort: it is a slog. The other is like sailing with the wind behind you, following the tide; there are the same tasks, and the work remains hard, but the major effort is not yours. The tasks are fulfilling, not draining. When we find our direction, which is God's will for us, it is much plainer sailing....

Read My Personal St Ignatius here:

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