Syria: Three killed as missile hits Armenian Catholic Church

Holy Trinity Catholic Church,  Aleppo

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Aleppo

Yesterday afternoon a missile launched from areas of Aleppo controlled by the rebels,  fell into the grounds of the Armenian Catholic parish of the Holy Trinity, in the district of al-Meydan, causing the death of three Armenian adults, two sisters and a man.

The missile damaged a wall, a terrace of the rectory and broke the windows of the church also causing damage to an altar where there is a statue of the Virgin Mary from Marash, symbol city of the Armenian Genocide.

"It was around 6.15pm and in that moment"  said parish priest Fr Joseph Bezouzou.  "We were in church to celebrate daily Mass. If the missile had fallen at the exit of the Mass, it would have been a massacre. We thank the Lord".

The parish had organized a gathering of young people next weekend,  to give the young people a break from the terrible tension they are living under, but Fr Joseph said: "We have decided to postpone everything because after what happened you cannot expose young people to new risks.

"On Sunday, after Mass, we will plant an olive tree in the place where the missile fell. This is our only response to the bombs and violence that for years have tried to devastate our lives".

Source: Fides


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