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According to one Catholic charity helping Catholics know, live and share their faith now couldn't be easier! Through its innovative parish program now active in over 200 parishes, The Lighthouse Catholic Media Project is providing parishioners across Ireland and the UK with a huge range of talks on CD at very low cost from the best Catholic speakers in the English speaking world.

visitors can now browse the titles online as well as find information on the Parish program, uplifting testimonies and more. The Lighthouse topics are wide-ranging and relevant, engaging the listener wherever they are at on their faith journey. With over 200 titles available to date there really is something for everyone. Speakers such as Scott & Kimberly Hahn, Matthew Kelly, Fr Robert Barron, Jason Evert and many more address topics such as ‘Understanding the Eucharist’, the ‘healing power of Confession’, coping with ‘anger and forgiveness’, ‘Catholic parenting’, ‘understanding scripture’ and how to ‘become the best version of ourselves’.

The Lighthouse youth presentations are particularly dynamic and shed much needed light on topics such as same sex attraction, pornography, contraception, courtship and dating, all from a truly Catholic perspective. According to Tom Harkin, founder and chair of the project: "In our modern culture we have a great tendency for people to identify themselves as Catholic and yet distance themselves from much of Catholic teaching. For many people the CDs are the very first time they have heard the clear, compelling reasons behind church teaching on many important issues. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many people’s lives being deeply impacted by just one talk".

"Using CDs is a simple and effective way to evangelise in our modern world and can also serve to complement existing faith development programmes. The potential for these great resources to reach many more people throughout Ireland and the UK is huge. We encourage any clergy or laity interested in making these great resources available in their own areas to contact the Lighthouse office where we will be delighted to hear from you".

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