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Solomon Islands hit by devastating floods

Solomon Islands - Wiki image

Solomon Islands - Wiki image

At least 19 people have died and 40 are missing due after huge floods hit the Solomon Islands and in particular the capital Honiara. In one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the archipelago of 550 000 inhabitants, around 49,000 people have been left homeless. More than 5,500 people have taken refuge in three crowded evacuation centres, where aid agencies fear the spread of dengue fever, transmitted by mosquitoes. There has been serious damage to water and electricity supplies, and the sewage system.

The Archbishop of Honiara Mgr Adrian Smith, said in a statement yesterday: "The information we have is very little, from what I know to the west, 20 km from Honiara, several bridges have collapsed, to the east the situation is the same. In Honiara, luckily the Care Centre, San Isidro, for young people with speech and hearing disabilities was not damaged. The St Joseph's Catholic Secondary School and St Martin's, Rural Training Centre were evacuated. Some students have been transferred to parish centers".

The Bishop of Gizo, Mgr Luciano Capelli, confirmed that in Gizo and Malaita the situation is not as bad, even if people live in fear".

"The waters are receding but the country still has to deal with the damage suffered", said Fr Ambrose Pereira, Director of the Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson. "We expect difficult weeks and months for the displaced, and due to poor infrastructure and inadequate food supplies".

Source: Fides


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