Zimbabwe: Archbishop announces plan for Catholic radio station

Choir competition at Holy Cross, Budiriro

Choir competition at Holy Cross, Budiriro

The Archbishop of Harare, Right Rev Robert Christopher Ndlovu, has announced the arrival of a Catholic community radio initiative that will start broadcasting once it gets a licence from the government.

In a circular to all parish priests, heads of religious congregations and Catholic institutions in the Archdiocese, the Archbishop says the Catholic community radio station, *Radio Chiedza*, is being set up in preparation for the day when community radio stations will be licenced.

“The initiative is being led by Fr Nigel Johnson SJ along with the Director of Jesuit Communications, Mr Gift Mambipiri. As you may be aware, for the past ten years, both Fr Johnson and Mr Mambipiri have had wide experience of community radio initiatives in Zimbabwe.

“So far, none of these community radio stations have been licensed to broadcast in this country, but our neighbouring countries have numerous such stations up and running. It therefore seems inevitable that Zimbabwe will, at some time, catch up; so we in the Catholic Church need to be prepared for that day,” says the Archbishop.

In its list of objectives, Radio Chiedza promises to amplify the message of the Church, especially on social justice issues, to nurture people who believe that Christianity is practical and all-embracing, to be a platform for the evangelisation of our political, social, cultural and economic dimensions of life, and also to deal with social issues of our time (e.g. HIV/AIDS, justice and peace, modern family setups and their challenges).

Source: Jesuit Communications Zimbabwe

Website: www.jescom.co.zw

Facebook: Jesuit Communications Zimbabwe

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