Egypt: two years after massacre, Christians wait for justice

Monastery of St Simon the Tanner

Monastery of St Simon the Tanner

On the second anniversary of the massacre of Maspero, in which the Egyptian army massacred 23 Coptic Christians, on 9 October, hundreds of people took part in a a vigil in candle lit vigil, walking in the streets where the killing had taken place.

The participants carried photos of the victims, and denounced again the impunity with which the perpetrators of the massacre had carried out their crimes. They particularly blamed former General Marshal Hussein Tantawi and senior representatives of the army.

After the vigil, the protesters tried to reach Tahrir Square in procession, but were prevented by army units that dispersed the demonstration with tear gas.

Coptic Orthodox Bishop Abanoub marked the anniversary by presiding over a vigil of prayer and reflection in the monastery of St Simon the Tanner. In his speech, the Archbishop addressed the government and the military, when he said the Christian Coptics will not forget the martyrs of Maspero and will continue to ask for justice.

Source: Fides

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