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Christian bookshops get major boost from charity book scheme

A charity that helps churches give good Christian books to libraries in their community is now working through Christian bookshops, giving them a much-needed boost.

Speaking Volumes, an initiative of The Christian Book Promotion Trust, will pay half the retail value of new books that a church or individual wants to give to any library where books are available to a wide readership.

The new partnership with Christian bookshops means that bookshops benefit from increased sales as Speaking Volumes pledges to match-fund any order they take on behalf of the scheme. And it is already proving popular, with churches and shops alike.

Paula Renouf, Director of Speaking Volume, says it’s a two-way relationship that benefits both parties. 'Bookshops are in touch with churches and can encourage them to reach out to their community through our scheme,’ says Paula. ‘And, at the same time, the bookshops benefit from extra sales, which brings security in these challenging times.’

The process is very straightforward. Individuals and churches place their orders from the carefully chosen list of Speaking Volumes titles, paying the bookshop half the shelf price. Speaking Volumes reimburses the bookshop for the rest.

Books and DVDs can be purchased for any type of library – including public libraries, prison and school libraries, even for borrowing within churches, especially if the church hosts groups for the community such as toddler groups, Alpha or senior citizens’ clubs.

Paula adds: ‘It’s good news all round and the biggest winner is your community. They get to borrow great Christian books from their libraries – and they can explore Christianity further at their local bookshop because you’ve helped to keep it on the high street.’

For more details and a list of participating bookshops, visit or call 07914301481.


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