London: Polar bears bring Arctic campaign to Friends House

The Arctic came to Quakers' Friends House in London last Saturday (20 April) as part of a global day of action. Greenpeace used 3D projection mapping to transform the iconic building into the pristine Arctic. The film celebrated the Arctic as a precious habitat and called for a global effort to protect it from climate change and deep sea oil-drilling.

Helen Drewery, General Secretary of Quaker Peace and Social Witness said: "Faith leads us to work for a sustainable and just society so Quakers welcome Greenpeace's work to Save the Arctic. It was moving to see Greenpeace's vision for an Arctic free from fossil fuel extraction and the effects of climate change projected onto our building. The images strengthen our resolve to work to end dependency on fossil fuels."

Using the hashtag #ILoveArctic the Greenpeace campaign said: "As the ice melts, oil companies are threatening the pristine Arctic with industrial disaster. The world is calling for action to protect the Arctic for all of humanity."

View the 3Dprojection here:
and on:

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