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New York: Way of the Cross in Manhattan

On Good Friday, hundreds of Christians in New York will take part in the Stations of the Cross, organized by Pax Christi Metro New York. The procession is also sponsored by more than 40 religious organizations and individuals. It begins at 8.30am across from Holy Family Church at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, East 47th Street between First and Second Avenues, proceeds along Manhattan’s 42nd Street, and ends across from the Port Authority Terminal near Holy Cross Church.

Participants stop along the route and pray for forgiveness and reconciliation at 15 contemporary Stations of the Cross. At each Station, groups as varied as high school and college students, young adults and veteran peace activists, reflect on Jesus’ passion as described in scripture and experienced in modern times.

They will recall how Jesus’ revolutionary life led to his unwarranted execution and contemplate how counter-cultural it can be if we truly walk with Him in His way of life today. They will pray for the courage to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and offer this contemporary Stations of the Cross as penance for their own complicity in the sins of a world that has lost its moral compass. They will enter into Christ’s Passion for life driven by love.

As always, we will walk and pray with all throughout the world: refugees and immigrants; children and laborers; people without health care; victims of hunger and poverty, racism, bullying and gun violence, gender discrimination, and human trafficking; prisoners of conscience and prisoners of circumstance; those condemned to die and those denied the opportunity to live. We will pray in a special way that rather than glorifying the weapons of war, our nation might honor the victims of war by promising them, “Never again!” Songs of petition and praise accompany and link each Station.

At the final Station, all unite to celebrate life transformed when we follow the Way of Christ. The faithful will have turned 42nd Street into a place of prayer, reminding us that Jesus’ suffering and death were public events and that establishing peace and justice is everyone’s responsibility. All are welcome!

This is the 31st Way of the Cross organised by Pax Christi Metro New York

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