Australia: World's oldest teacher presents film

Fr Geoffrey Schneider,

Fr Geoffrey Schneider,

Australian Fr Geoffrey Schneider SJ,who was declared the world's oldest working teacher, by Guinness World Records when he reached his 100th birthday last December, has now presented a short film about his life.

Father Geoffrey Schneider, who has been teacher and chaplai at Sydney’s St Aloysius’ College's Junior School for 47 years, said he has no intention of retiring. He has also taught at schools in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, shaping the intellects and values of leading figures of Australian government, business, academia and sport.

Fr Schneider enjoys a fierce popularity at St Aloysius’. In the early 1990s, Year 3 students were asked to name a new building after their favourite Jesuit saint. Innocently, they chose “Saint” Schneider.

He is also the namesake of the annual Schneider Cup, which recognises excellence in soccer and rugby.

The secret of his longevity? He says regular recreation and reading - "not just penny dreadfuls but some serious stuff" have contributed. "Walking is very good" and being careful about eating although he admits a weakness for cakes.

These days Fr Schneider is using the latest technology in the classroom: smartboards, ipads, and so forth - a far cry from the chalk and blackboards when he started. He says he worries sometimes about whether he will be able to get through the doors of heaven when he dies.

How would he like to be remembered? Fr Schneider hopes people will remember him as a kindly sensible person.

To see the film click here:

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