Egypt: thousands join ecumenical prayers for peace

Service at Cave Church

Service at Cave Church

Up to 10,000 Christians of all denominations gathered in Cairo last Thursday to pray for peace, political growth and stability, church unity and spiritual revival in Egypt. Held at Cairo's massive Cave Church and televised live by SAT-7 ARABIC and SAT-7 PLUS, extracts from the event were also taken by secular TV channels.

Two secular Egyptian newspapers published articles on the event and SAT-7's coverage of it. More than 50,000 have so far watched on YouTube, where the clips will continue to be available.

Many posted their responses on social media. One said; "My mum, my wife, my daughter, and a friend are now at the Cave Church standing before the Lord praying for our country among thousands of other Christians. Not a single harassment incident was reported and not one single bad word said against other religion."

One attendee posted: "To all those who keep saying that Christians are mobilizing the crowds against Egypt's interest... I'd like to tell you that, yes, they're mobilizing a huge crowd right now in the Cave Church... There are nothing but songs, Egypt's flags, and prayers for Egypt and for its good... To all the Christians in Egypt: your raised hands and prayers are what is making Egypt go on until now..."

A viewer in Lebanon commented, "We are joining you in praying for Egypt. We pray that peace fills Egypt and that Jesus shines over it."

Farid Garas, Executive Director of SAT-7's Egypt production centre, said the live broadcast of the event allowed "people all over the world to participate in the prayers. Such events are always a good way to introduce SAT-7 especially to non-Christians. They become curious about SAT-7 and Christianity and start watching more of our productions and seeking the truth."

View clips of the prayer night here:



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