Premier Heart to Heart debate: Is the Catholic Church the one, true church?

Premier Christian Radio's Unbelievable? show welcomed Peter D Williams of Catholic Voices and Rev David Robertson of the Solas Center For Public Christianity for a discussion titled "Is the Catholic Church the one, true church?" This challenging debate is one of the stories on this month's Heart to Heart on-line audio newsletter, from Premier Radio.

Other stories include:

'How should we respond to trick or treaters? - a feature on Hallowe'en. Is it a harmless bit of fun for children or something more serious and how should we respond to those little goblins and ghosts on our doorstep?

Yet many Christian families see nothing wrong with a 'harmless' bit of trick or treating and fancy dress. But how should we, as followers of Christ, respond to young trick or treaters at our door?

There's also an interview with Bishop Drainey talking about his call to priesthood and this Year of Faith; a feature on Little Way Week, and an interview with the Singing Friar from Assisi, Brother Alessandro

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