O2 concert to mark 100 Days of Peaceful Events

Grace Idowu and Margaret Mizen

Grace Idowu and Margaret Mizen

One thousand young people are being rewarded with tickets to a concert for peace at the 02 Indigo on the 28 October, to celebrate the end of 100 Days of Peaceful Events. Margaret Mizen and Grace Idowu, two mothers who lost their sons to violent crime in 2008, have been working together to work on 100 Days of Peaceful Events mirroring the 100 day truce instated in Greece during the Olympic period. One thousand young people who took part in the Events will receive free tickets for the ‘Release the Peace’ concert the 02 Indigo this coming Sunday, the 100th day.

Headlining on the night will be X Factor winner Shayne Ward with exciting support acts including Sam Gray, Abi Phillips, the string quartet Raven and Dru Blu. This eclectic mix of musical acts will provide entertainment for all and the night will be punctuated with short films to raise awareness of the consequences of violent crime and the importance of working together to build a more peaceful society.

With so many young people being rewarded for their involvement in the 100 day period, those attending will be more than just an audience but part of the Release the Peace movement. On top of this, they will have been involved in the planning and preparation for the night by way of producing the art work, assisting backstage, and helping prepare a short film to be played on the night. Two unsigned bands will also be given the opportunity to play as part of the concert.

The concert also marks the beginning of Release the Peace; a movement that aims to build a legacy of peace in memory of Jimmy Mizen, David Idowu and all those who have lost their lives to violent crime.

Tickets for the Release the Peace concert are available for purchase for ohers to join this event and add their support to the pursuit for peace. Please see www.releasethepeace.com or www.ticketmaster.co.uk

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