National billboard campaign against euthanasia

Anti-euthanasia campaigners are preparing to mount the first nationwide billboard campaign against euthanasia and assisted suicide. Members of ALERT, Distant Voices and Not Dead Yet UK are behind a venture to post billboards in nine cities in England and Scotland showing a silhouette of a person with the caption:  WHAT’S THE COST OF EUTHANASIA? YOU ARE!

Distant Voices is also seeking 'envoys' to place themselves in town and city centres on Saturday October 27 – a day of action - and to give out accurate information and speak to members of the public about the evils of euthanasia.

The purpose of the campaign is to oppose the legalisation of euthanasia in the UK and to inform the public of the dangers involved in its use anywhere.

The billboards will appear for two weeks between 14 October and  1 November 1 in London, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne, Telford and Manchester.

Nikki Kenward of Distant Voices said: “The Government has appointed a new Under-Secretary of State for Health, Anna Soubry, whose first public statement was: ‘It’s ridiculous and appalling that people have to go abroad to end their life instead of being able to end their lives at home.’

“She said the laws governing how people could take their lives needed to ‘evolve’. We all know what that means to any of us who are vulnerable, or may become vulnerable. I feel the icy wind of the past touching my bones. Euthanasia might not be on your mind today, tomorrow or as you go about your daily life, but if it is legalised it will be in your life, part of your life, or taking your life. So take a moment to ask yourself, is it time to speak now, can I take the risk of keeping quiet?”

She said: “Have you got the guts, the anger, the fear, the bottle to bring to the attention of the somnambulant British public the need to wake up and smell the lies? You will need to place yourself in a busy shopping area in the city nearest or even dearest to you; we will explode some myths that our fellow citizens have been fed.

“We will speak out for ourselves and for those who cannot speak and who need us to speak for them. We will talk to people, tell them the truth and offer them the chance to be safe in their old age and in illness or disability. You can stand for a day, an hour, an afternoon, a weekend, as long as you like - two, four, six, or a whole crowd of you, just be there and be heard before it’s too late.”

To become an envoy please contact Nikki Kenward and her team on 01588 660528 or email: [email protected]


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