Take the Vegan Pledge

Dear Editor

London-based group Vegan Campaigns is inviting Londoners to take the Vegan Pledge - eliminating all animal foods from their diets - for one month. Participants will be invited to two free events at a venue in central London at the beginning and end of their vegan month on Saturday 19th May and Saturday 16th June 2012.

These two inspiring days will include cookery demos, nutrition talks, a film, basic health advice from a vegan GP and dietician and delicious vegan food samples. Ongoing support throughout the month will also be provided. And it's all completely free!

Anyone who would like to register for the Vegan Pledge or find out more information can visit www.vegancampaigns.org.uk, or call 07890 136663.

Yours faithfully

Kelly Slade Pledge OrganiserLondon Vegan Campaigns

Tel: 07890136663
Vegan Campaigns
  BM 2300
  WC1N 3XX

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