European conference to support children's missionary work

CEME participants

CEME participants

Thirty-eight participants took part in the European Conference of the Holy Childhood Association (CEME, Conference Europeene de l’Enfance Mission) which was held 18-21 March 2012 in Luxembourg. Holy Childhood is one of the Pontifical Mission Societies and works to help children pray for and share in world mission.

The meeting, which takes place every two years, was attended by the National Coordinators of Holy Childhood and National Directors of the Pontifical Missions Societies from 19 European countries as well as The Secretary General of the Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood, Baptistine Ralamboarison.

The theme for the 2012 conference was ‘Growing in Faith with Children’. The CEME president Flavio Moresino said: “From our cradles onwards we are continually learning- throughout our lives. When we share with others and also allow ourselves to be questioned, our thoughts, feelings, actions and our faith all change. This is equally true of our contacts with the children whom we meet in the course of our educational activities.”

Holy Childhood is known in England and Wales as Mission Together. The National Coordinator of Mission Together in England and Wales, Kasia Greenwood said: “CEME is a great opportunity to come together and share resources and ideas on how best to share faith amongst children. It is wonderful to be part of this international organisation, and the conference provides a rare chance for us to gather as a family and work together for Holy Childhood. This spirit of cooperation will certainly encourage us all to grow in faith and work towards increasing support for Holy Childhood in Europe.”

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