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Cecilia Taylor-Camara with Jorge Nuño Mayer

Cecilia Taylor-Camara with Jorge Nuño Mayer

London could be now the new home for human traffickers with the Olympics less than five months away.  The senior policy advisor for the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales warned Caritas Europa’s secretary general that human trafficking is rapidly growing in the UK in the face of the big event.

Cecilia Taylor-Camara met with Jorge Nuño Mayer after a meeting with the Commission of the Bishops Conferences of the European Community in Brussels last week. 

“Human trafficking is my priority now because the number of victims is rapidly increasing,” said Mrs Taylor-Camara, who advises Catholic bishops on government policies and migration.

 “People are simply not aware that this is happening in our own backyards. This is a very important issue that we need to tackle, especially in London with the upcoming Olympics.” 

The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales is working with London Metropolitan police to host an event in May with organisations for human trafficking victims living in Europe.

Organisations from Nigeria, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, which are the countries with the highest number in human trafficking, will also be attending.

“We want to raise awareness of the growing concern of the spread of human trafficking and to ensure the Church has a collective approach about it,” said Mrs Taylor Camara.

“I’m so happy that the Bishops’ Conference is involved with European issues,” said Jorge Nuño Mayer.  “I really appreciate her role as political advisor for the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales because it shows again how the Church is committed to people in need.” 

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