Our Lady's Catechists offer resources and guidance

Our Lady's Catechists Conference

Our Lady's Catechists Conference

Beryl Wakefield writes:

Our Lady's Catechists is a special committee of the Catholic Women's League and we have been working with children and adults since 1923.

Our website is: www.ourladyscatechists.wordpress.com We train catechists to work in their own parish with the recommendation of their parish priest.

We have two main courses: Foundation Course - Sowing the Seed and Diploma Course - Reaping the Harvest. There is also Catholicism Made Simple for those who want to develop their own Faith or prepare for one of the other Course.

We offer: Listening to Jesus Through the Gospels, for parents or catechists to prepare their children for each Sunday Mass by studying the Gospel. It follows the three year cycle. We have also updated many of our booklets and lesson leaflets for children and these are also available by post.

We would be willing to send sample pages if required.

God Bless

Beryl Wakefield

Vice Chairman, OLC

[email protected]

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