Libya: bishop voices concern over continued bombing of Tripoli

Bishop Giovanni Martinelli

Bishop Giovanni Martinelli

The Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli, Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, has expressed his concern over the bombing of Tripoli as number of civilian casualties grows each day.

Bishop Martinelli said the city was struggling under the nightly bombing which has claimed many casualties and is making it difficult to move around the capital. He said a severe shortage of petrol was resulting in long queues in front of petrol stations.

But, the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli said: "the Church of God goes ahead with the power of the Holy Spirit."

He praised the thousands of Filipino medical staff who are remaining behind to care for patients and people injured in the bombing. He said: "There are still many Filipino Catholics who give courageous witness. Even the Philippine Ambassador has remained here to be near the community of his countrymen. There are 2 to 3,000 Filipinos working in the various Libyan hospitals. I hope this testimony will serve to make it clear to everyone that above all,  one should show solidarity with those who suffer."

He said: "The population is suffering because of the bombs. Despite what is said, the bombs are hitting civilian areas. The Coptic church which is located ten kilometres from us, next to a police station, has shattered windows caused by the explosions.

Mgr Martinelli said that bombing military sites in civilian areas, was causing damage to people's homes, civilian casualties and psychological damage.

"We are anxiously waiting in hope" he said.

Source: Fides

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