Mexico: calls for religious freedom law after series of church attacks

Mexico Cathedral

Mexico Cathedral

There have been calls for a law to protect religious freedom in Mexico after a series of attacks on churches,  religious institutions and websites in recent weeks. The most event at the  Cathedral in Mexico City during the Easter Mass, when a group of people came in and destroyed the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico City as well as many leaders of  other Christian denominations in the country condemned the incident and called for a legal system that ensures religious freedom for all Mexicans.

The website of the Mexican Bishops Conference has also gone off-line, following a massive cyber-attack on 5 May. A spokesman said the database had been damaged  and most information lost, however there was also a backup copy which will be installed soon.

It is not the first time a website of the Catholic Church has been  attacked in this way.  Last year, an Argentine  church news agency  was also hacked into and crashed.

While the Mexican Bishops' Conference site is being repaired, users can access all the news on other sites and social networks:;;;;

Source: Fides

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