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Clergy on the catwalk: Bishop to model wife's designs

Bishop Peter Fox

Bishop Peter Fox

The Rt Rev Peter Fox, honorary assistant bishop in the Anglican diocese of Norwich, will join half a dozen fellow ministers for Clergy of the Catwalk, a special presentation of clerical clothing at the East of England Christian Resources Exhibition, (Thursdat 24 February, 12.30pm, Exec Peterborough).

Among a variety of items, Peter will wear a green cope with a Tree of Life design on the back, with matching mitre made by his seamstress wife, Angie, who is a Catholic.

"Design ideas usually come to me during worship," she explained. "I wouldn’t like to admit how much designing goes on during my husband's sermons."

Before returning to Norfolk, the Foxes spent several years in Papua New Guinea.

"The church buildings there were very simple with palm roofs and pillars of timber rough-hewn from the jungle," recalled Peter, who is also vicar in Lakenham and Tuckswood, Norwich. "The priest's vestments helped to dress the sanctuary, bringing colour and symbolism to worship."

Joining Bishop Peter on the catwalk will be Rev Tim Yau, assistant curate at St Mary’s Church Farcet, a Cambridgeshire village.

"The most practical side of vestments is that they cover a multitude of sins: crumpled shirts, gravy stains, body warmers and fleeces in a cold snap," said Tim, who is also assistant curate at Christ the Servant King Church Hampton, Peterborough.

A variety of formal and informal ecclesiastical clothing will be displayed by leading designers. Tim, however, believes denim clerical shirts are "a fashion crime"!

"Anything that's not standard issue should be burnt at the stake of good taste: rainbows, teddy bears and crazy fabrics," he maintains. "Whilst I'm ranting why do some ministers wear white shirts with a white clergy collar? Have they not heard of contrast?"

Often dubbed the 'ideal church show', CRE (Thur 24 - Sat 26 February) will feature up to 150 charities, missions and church suppliers displaying everything from specialised church heating systems to evangelistic puppets. Open to the general public, some
4000 visitors will pour through the doors of the Exec, Peterborough.

More than 30 practical seminars and workshops will cover subjects like the Church and the 2012 Games to support for home group and small group leaders. Speakers include the Bishop of Peterborough, the Rt Rev Donald Allister. A full programme of arts and media will include presentations by Saltmine and Riding Lights Theatre Companies.

Long-established as Europe's leading series of Christian exhibitions, CRE has never before been held as far east as Peterborough.

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