Christian meditation for children

There is much noise and little silence in our children’s world today. Yet children have a  natural capacity for meditation and research shows that teaching them to sit in stillness  and silence encourages creativity and calms their behaviour. With benefits like this,  why are we not teaching the spiritual practice and recognised life-skill of meditation in  our schools, promoting balance and growth of the whole child?  

A Seminar  on Tuesday, 7 December from 9am - 5.30pm Regents College,  in Regents Park, London,  will discuss the impact of meditation programmes now being taught in schools and look at how this practice can become more widely available.  

Dr Cathy Day and Ernie Christie, Directors of Catholic Education in Townsville, Australia will lead the  seminar. They have created and implemented the world’s first Christian Meditation programme for all  30 Catholic schools in their diocese. Meditation is part of the curriculum and the daily life of teachers  and 12,000 children in their schools.

Jonathan Campion, a British consultant psychiatrist has evaluated a schools meditation programme and  will speak about its psychological impact and benefits.  

Fr Laurence Freeman, a Benedictine monk and Director of The World Community for Christian  Meditation will describe meditation as part of the prayer tradition and set it in the context of our  pluralist world.
Further workshops are being held in Kerry (8 December), Belfast (10 December), Milton Keynes (13 December), Brentwood (14 December) and Birmingham (15 December).  

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