More than 20 church leaders join The Wave

Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop of Canterbury

At least 20 senior church leaders are joining The Wave tomorrow to call for an “ambitious, fair and effective deal in Copenhagen”. Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales will be there because the churches “recognise unequivocally that there is a moral imperative to tackle the causes of global warming”.

Archbishop Rowan Williams said: “This is a very important moment for us all in trying to keep everyone’s eyes open to the serious environmental challenges we face. The world’s leaders need to hear from the world’s people about their desire for a safe, sustainable environment in which God’s care for all he has made is honoured by us. This weekend’s events should send a clear message of urgency and hope to the Copenhagen Summit.”

Archbishops Vincent Nichols, added: “Politicians today need public support if they are ever to achieve right and lasting change. Today I hope we can make clear our readiness to live simpler lives, to be more attentive to the needs of the poorest people, to be responsive to the needs of our planet. Unless it is clear that we are prepared to change, political leaders will not be able to reach the agreements which are now needed.”

The 20 senior leaders of Christian Churches in the UK will attend an ecumenical service in London on 5 December. At least 3,000 Christians are expected to join them, carrying an array of colourful banners and dressed in blue. They will be travelling from their parishes around the country in special trains and coaches. After the service some church leaders and the congregation will join tens of thousands of people marching to form a blue wave around the Houses of Parliament. Churches on the march will be a key part of the growing movement for action on climate change. It is expected to be the UK’s biggest ever demonstration in support of action on climate change, ahead of the crucial UN climate talks in Copenhagen. The service is from 11am - noon at Westminster Central Hall, SW1H 9NH.

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