Call for 'just peace' in the Holy Land

 The Catholic bishops of England and Wales urge the UK government to be more involved in peace negotiations in the Holy Land. At their Low Week conference they drew up the following resolution: The Bishops' Conference: i. observes with sorrow and dismay the continued violence in the Holy Land, and its escalation, which has caused immense suffering to all sections of the population. ii. draws attention, in particular, to the massive reprisals carried out by the Israeli authorities in the face of violent acts. The international community must judge whether these are reprisals which amount to a level of collective punishment that denies universally recognised Human Rights. iii. asserts the relevant United Nations Resolutions, and the status of Jerusalem as a city fully open to the peoples of two nations and three faiths, as the continuing basis for a just peace. iv. urges the British Government and the European Union to involve itself more fully in the process of negotiation. v. offers its particular support for the Church in Jerusalem and in the Holy Land. source: CMO

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