Palestinian family donate son's organs to save Jewish lives

 A Palestinian family has donated the organs of their son to five people - four of them Jewish. Mazen Djulani, 34, was shot in east Jerusalem last week. The family gave permission for his lungs, liver, kidney and pancreas to be donated to an Israeli organ bank. Igal Cohen, a Jewish man who received his heart said he wanted to meet the Djulanis. Coen's father David, said yesterday: "It is really touching, especially in these days when relations are so tense. This noble family comes and teaches us that it is possible to do things in a different way." Lufti Djulani, the dead man's father, told an Israeli newspaper he wanted to save lives, live in peace with the Israelis and be rid of Jewish settlements. He said: "I donated the organs to save the lives of others, no matter if they were Jews, Christians or Muslims."

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