Five new saints this weekend - including a murderer

 Pope John Paul will canonize two women and three men this Sunday. They are: Rebecca Pierrette Ar-Rayes Nun of the Lebanese Order of St. Antony of the Maronites, Rebecca was born in the Lebanon on 29 June 1832. Her mother died when she was very young. At 14, she decided she wanted to become a nun. He family tried to dissuade her but after working for a family in Damascus, for a time she joined the institute founded by Fr Joseph Gemayel. In 1871, she entered the Order of St. Antony of the Maronites, taking the name Rebecca. In 1885, she lost her sight. For the next 30 years she endured excruciating pain and paralysis which she suffered prayerfully. She died in 1913. The anniversary of her death, 23 March is her feast day. Bernardo da Corleone Friar. Born Filippo Latini, in 1605, Bernardo was a Sicilian shoemaker. One day, he got into a fight and stabbed someone to death. Running from the police, he sought sanctuary in the church of the Palermo Capuchins and effectively never left. In 1632, he became a friar and lived an exemplary life of prayer and penance until his death in 1667. He was beatified in 1768. His feast day is 12 January. Luigi Scrosoppi Priest. Born to a wealthy family in 1804, in Udine, northern Italy, Luigi was a religious of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri. He also founded the Sisters of Providence of St. Cajetan of Thiene. He spent his large legacy and all his energy caring for the poor and sick. He set up homes and schools and worked with the deaf and dumb. He died in 1844. His feast day is 3 April. Agostino Roscelli Parish priest. Born in Bargone de Casarza, in Liguria, in 1816, he was especially concerned with young people and set up free schools for boys and girls. He died in Genoa in 1902. His feast day is May 7. Teresa Eustochio Verzeri Nun. Founder of the Institute of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Teresa was born to the noble Bergamo family, in Lombardy, in 1802. She trained with the Benedictines before founding her teaching order. She died in Brescia in 1852. Her feast day is 3 March.

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