Nun expresses concern for Death Row prisoners

 Following the execution of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh today, human rights campaigners have been expressing concerns for 19 more men currently on Death Row at Terre Haute federal prison in Indiana, USA. McVeigh's execution was the first federal capital punishment since 1963. Since then executions have been mainly carried out by individual state authorities. Several commentators have said they fear yesterday's execution, combined with the new atmosphere under the Bush administration, could open the floodgates to many more deaths. Sr Rita Gerardot, who took part in a prayer vigil outside the prison, and regularly visits men condemned to death, said they told her they planned to sing Amazing Grace during the execution. She told reporters: "It's a very sombre mood. There is a lot of tension among the men, because they know it is their fate. They are like sitting ducks now." Next week, another prisoner at Terre Haute, Juan Raul Garcia is scheduled to die.

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