Jerusalem church leaders hold daily prayers for peace

 The Christian church leaders in Jerusalem are organising daily prayers for peace in churches throughout the city and appealing for people around the world to join them in prayer. They have sent the following message: Jesus said: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you; Do not let your heart be troubled, or afraid. John 14:27 We are greatly concerned at the deteriorating situation in the Occupied Territories of the Holy Land; many families have been made homeless; the closures have turned towns and cities into detention camps; the number of unemployed has risen dramatically resulting in tens of thousands hungry for the daily bread; whilst our children are confronted daily with a picture of bloodshed, violence, assassinations and murder. Hatred and a desire for revenge is rampant on both sides - Israeli and Palestinian. We call upon all our people, throughout this land, to join us in intensifying our prayers for peace, with justice, and reconciliation. To this end we have arranged a period of daily PRAYER FOR PEACE at 6pm from Wednesday 15 August to Tuesday 28 August in the churches across the city. We appeal also to our brothers and sisters around the world - many of whom have already offered generous support - to link their prayers with ours at this special time. + The Patriarchs & Heads of Churches, Communities & Institutions in Jerusalem. For details of the churches in Jerusalem holding prayers for peace - visit the Listings pages.

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