Peace Mass at sanctuary of Ugandan martyrs

 A Mass for peace was celebrated on Sunday, by Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala, Archbishop of Kampala, at the sanctuary of Ugandan martyrs in Namugongo, Uganda. Crowds gathered to pray for an end to the 15-year civil war in the north of the country - the Missionary News Service report. During his homily, Fr Guido Oliana, Comboni provincial superior, spoke of the violence in the so-called "protected villages" where the Acholi population are forced to live in intolerable conditions, the street attacks, and the child soldiers kidnapped from their families and trained to kill. Fr Guido said all the speeches and preaching were useless unless they were backed up by Gospel values put into practice. He said that the Church should be used as an instrument of peace and reconciliation, and perhaps was the only one that could make a difference. At the end of Mass, a mother whose daughter had been kidnapped by the rebels, appealed to the congregation on behalf of many parents, for support and prayers for children who are missing.

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