Irish churches express shock and sadness at US attacks

 Following the terrorist attacks in America, Irish church leaders have issued the following statement: "We wish to express the shock and abhorrence of our church membersover the deep tragedy which has visited the USA through the unbelievable terrorist attacks which we unreservedly condemn. We can only guess at the immensity of the pain which is being felt by the people of North America but we are conscious that our two countries are closely bound by ties of family and Christian relationships and we are grieving with them. We extend our love and sympathy to all the people of the USA, and more especially, to those who have been injured or have lost family and friends. We give our assurances to the people of the American nation that the members of our churches are praying for them, the President and government and those who are dealing practically with the devastation and for everyone caught up its consequences." Archbishop Sean Brady (Primate, Roman Catholic Church) Archbishop Robin Eames (Primate, Church of Ireland) Rt. Rev. Dr. Alastair Dunlop (Moderator, Presbyterian Church) Rev. Harold Good (President, Methodist Church)

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