Humanity has stepped backwards - say peace campaigners

 "On September 11 humanity took a step backward. On October 7 it took another one," said the Italian branch of the Catholic peace movement, Pax Christi yesterday. In a statement they said: "We cannot exempt ourselves from condemning the military offensive launched against Afghanistan - because once again we resorted to force instead of reason. To the violence of missiles instead of international law. To the power of fire instead of dialogue. "Every lesson in history has showed that violence has not helped in the search for truth, the triumph of justice and satisfaction of complete peace. The missile and air attacks serve only to prolong the mourning tragically begun on September 11. "As believers in one God we want to rise strong and insistent from all corners of the earth, and pray to our God of peace to convert the hearts of the violent, to silence the sound of arms, to illuminate the minds of governors and leaders. "Prayer, authentic and profound, sheds a new light revealing human beings instead of enemies." Calling for governments to begin dialogue at the United Nations - Pax Christi groups from all over Europe will now be dedicating the entire Perugia - Assisi march next Sunday to prayers, and appeals for an end to the conflict and beginning of dialogue at the United Nations.

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